Case Study: Uncovering a $600K revenue opportunity for Australian Institute of Business

“In just two weeks, Insightech helped us uncover conversion opportunities that will deliver up to $600k of incremental revenue” Nazira Mirzakhan, Digital Acquisition Manager About Australian Institute of Business Australian Institute of Business (AIB) is a registered higher education provider with a focus on MBA courses. They have over 30 years of history and are […]

How To Maximise Your Next Website Optimisation Project

With 80.8 Percent of Australians now shopping online, having a good Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) program is now more important than ever for ensuring you’re converting more website visitors into customers.   Yet many businesses aren’t using their website to its full potential when it comes to maximising their conversions. Here’s a quick look at what sets […]

Stop the Guesswork, Start Having Impactful Digital Meetings

Less than 22% of businesses are satisfied with their digital conversion rates, despite acquisitions being the crux of every company’s success. No matter what this activity is referred to as, whether it is digital sales, digital acquisitions, or digital growth, it leads to business growth and expansion into new markets. Naturally, resources are focused in […]

The Anatomy Of An Insight And Which Parts You Need To Care About

With more and more businesses building their online presence, words such as analytics and insights have become mainstream. But how much do you understand about your insights, and what information are you actually getting from them?   Firstly, let’s have a look at exactly what we mean when we refer to insights. According to the […]

Top 4 Areas Financial Service Brands Need To Be Focusing On For Their Website

Being in the business of money management, it’s no surprise that websites in the financial services industry are designed to drive customers and potential customers through the funnel and turn them into paying clients.    The problem is, with so much money, time, and effort being poured into these huge websites, things can slip through […]

What is Visual Analytics, and why you are looking at data the wrong way

The current landscape There are so many web analytics tools out there, all geared at helping you see the big picture to get the best out of your website.    While some are great at crunching the numbers, they often lack the visual context of your website so you can better understand what to fix.  […]

The top reasons users abandon your funnel (and how to fix them)

Do you really know why customers abandon your checkout funnel? The answer usually sits in one of these three categories:   An event blocked the customer from making a purchase The customer didn’t have enough information to finish the purchase Customer experiences don’t align to customer expectations Steps In Solving Your Funnel Abandonment Confirm that […]

Are your affiliate partners cannibalising your sales?

If you have an affiliate program in place, there is a chance that your business could be paying way too much to bring in sales that would have happened anyway.   For most online retailers, affiliate channels are a big part of driving visibility and traffic from specific audiences. What we’ve seen across our customers […]

A Quick Guide To Session Replay

What is Session Replay? Session Replay records a user journey on a website (or web application) and allows the session to be played back at a later stage.   The replay plays back the recording of the user’s point of view, showing which content they actually interacted with, plus any information input by the user. […]